16 August 2017

Update on Earlsfield Park, Knowsley Lane

A period of stakeholder and public consultation on the draft Master Plan was undertaken between 3 May 2017 and 25 May 2017.  Following this ION Property Developments, Bellway Homes, and their consultant team have reviewed the feedback received and been through a process of considering how the master plan is able to incorporate the various responses.  A summary of the main changes resulting from consultation responses is set out below:

  • The petrol filling station and drive thru have been relocated further north east so that they are directly adjacent to the M57 slip round roundabout, and not directly opposite existing homes
  • The location of the residential vehicular access point has been revised and the right turn facilities have been removed – a pedestrian crossing between the development and Astley Way has also been introduced
  • ION are considering the preparation of an occupier guide for the eastern employment area and ancillary service area that will either be part of the design and access statement or a standalone document in support of the forthcoming planning application.  This guide will further develop the design framework section in the masterplan report to provide a structure for individual designs to be developed whilst retaining a sense of common identity, character and quality.  Differentiation between brands and companies is important, but it is to everyone’s benefit, including existing residents, if design coordination occurs and results in an attractive environment and one that adds to property values. The guide is likely to consider landscape / plot planning, public realm design, utilities and drainage, proximity /adjacency to existing properties, and building design (including materials and orientation)
  • Further landscape analysis and design has been undertaken to be clearer on the improvements and enhancements to the existing green infrastructure across the site, including the following as a response to feedback on priorities for this investment:
    • Focused enhancements to Oak Plantation, other woodland areas, and the existing hedgerows to the main site boundary and field boundaries
    • Improved boundaries and habitat restoration at Lord Derby Playing Fields and / or Oak Plantation (highest priority for improvements)
    • Enhanced sports facilities and benches / bins / signage at Lord Derby Playing Fields

Many of the other comments and suggestions received were points of specific detail that will be considered and addressed as part of any forthcoming planning application.  It is likely that these points of detail will be included within the anticipated planning application documentation, for example:

  • Transport assessment and framework travel plan
  • Design and access statement / occupier guide
  • Preliminary ecological appraisal (and associated species surveys if required)
  • Acoustic assessment and report
  • Air quality assessment
  • Flood risk assessment and drainage strategy
  • Landscape masterplan and management strategy


The final Master Plan report has been submitted to Knowsley Council to be approved by their Planning Committee, which will allow planning applications to be prepared and submitted for the proposals.

Prior to taking the Master Plan Report to their Planning Committee, the Council are currently seeking final views on its proposals and content. Responses to the Council must be made in writing either by letter, email and must reach them by 5pm on Wednesday 30 August 2017.  Further information can be found HERE.

If you would like to view the latest master plan, please CLICK HERE and if you would like to read the background of the project, please CLICK HERE

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