Ion has a well-earned reputation for working carefully and responsibly. Our developments prove their economic, environmental and social success through the creation of jobs, education, resilience to climate change and by the improvement in the environments and communities we work within.

On our earliest projects, thirty years ago,  we created a developer-led local procurement program, using local consultants, sub-contractors and apprentices. We also worked closely with our occupiers to help them recruit local people, many of which had never permanent employment. 

We make sure we create valuable, resilient assets that can provide both a legacy and a future.

This approach resulted in a measurable success in terms of local employment which enhanced the positive impact of the buildings themselves and strengthened communities.  

We continue these employment initiatives on our sites but of course, we have innovated further in our pledge to be as responsible a developer as we can be. 

From the outset of every project, we adopt a holistic approach by identifying net gain targets across a range of measures including biodiversity, social benefits, carbon emissions, diversity and fairness. 

Our in-house social value and sustainability team gather data and manage measurement objectives to quantify our output using state of the art software.  

Collaboration is key, as is an early strategy. We believe in stakeholder involvement from the outset with communities and partners to make effective decisions. This approach means we can shape our proposals to maximise impact and we accurately forecast, monitor and evidence our outputs.

Our expertise.

We are an urban regeneration specialists who develop cityscapes cleverly and sympathetically. As successful with heritage and listed buildings restorations as with new builds, we have the experience, knowledge and capacity to deliver large development schemes and sustain lasting successful partnerships.