Environmental Policy

ION Property Group Ltd offers a service to provide Property Development and Development Management

ION Property Group Ltd is committed to conducting its activities to provide a high-quality service whilst ensuring that ‘Environmental Care’ is a central component of these activities.  This commitment extends to all aspects of our business including: Operations, Training, Finance, Human Resources and Customer Services.

In conducting these activities we shall:

  • Set environmental objectives and targets which are reviewed annually at Management reviews with new targets set as appropriate. New objectives and targets may be added at any time with the approval of the Managing Director.
  • Commit to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and other specific commitments that are relevant to the context of this organisation;
  • Commit to fulfill the compliance obligations of the organisation
  • Commit to continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.
  • Take into account appropriate best practices and new technologies and new legislation.
  • Ensure the competence of staff by seeking to involve them in relevant environmental issues and to provide them with appropriate training enabling them to carry out their duties in a responsible manner.  
  • Minimise the use of natural resources, while maximising the use of reclaimed and recycled materials within all departments.
  • Ensure the disposal of all waste in an environmentally responsible manner in accordance with legislative obligations and stakeholder requirements.   
  • Monitor performance against environmental objectives supported by quantifiable targets that relate to the reduction of environmental impact, sustainability, risk management 
  • Complete regular audit and monitoring programmes to ensure that we comply with all the organisation’s policies and procedures, taking immediate action to rectify non-compliance.  

The Management of the organisation is fully committed to this Policy and the policy is available to the public upon request.  It is communicated to all employees and sub-contractors upon request, working on behalf of the company and is available on notice boards within the main office.

Employees at all levels are expected to carry out their work activities within the context of this Policy and associated Procedures and to cooperate in company efforts to improve our Environmental Performance.

Our expertise.

We are an urban regeneration specialists who develop cityscapes cleverly and sympathetically. As successful with heritage and listed buildings restorations as with new builds, we have the experience, knowledge and capacity to deliver large development schemes and sustain lasting successful partnerships.